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Lan Zhenyuan/Group Party Secretary and Chairman

In 1956, he entered the construction industry. In 1983, he led the team into Shanghai. He led Longyuan from a tentative three-level township enterprise to a national special qualification construction group and a listed company. The annual undertaking business was from the initial ten thousand yuan. Nearly 50 billion yuan in 2017, creating a myth of architecture. Chairman Lai Zhenyuan has rich experience in building construction and enterprise management. He has won the annual figures of China Construction Industry, the national outstanding architectural entrepreneurs, the model workers of Zhejiang Province, the top ten contributors of the new urbanization in Zhejiang during the 12th Five-Year Plan, and the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. · The era of many countries and local honors. He served as the vice president of the 4th Council of China Construction Industry Association (representative of six provinces and private entrepreneurs in East China), was elected as the consultant of the 5th Council of China Construction Industry Association, vice president of Shanghai Construction Industry Association, Shanghai Construction Machinery Vice President of Industry Association, Vice President of the World China Ningbo Chamber of Commerce, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, President of Shanghai Ningbo Chamber of Commerce and other social positions.

Lai Zhaohui/Group Vice Chairman and President

Bachelor degree, senior economist. From 1991 to 1992, he served as the director of the Xiangshan Second Construction Office. From 1992 to 1993, he served as the assistant manager of the Xiangshan Second Construction Engineering Department. From February 1993 to August 1994, he served as the assistant manager of the Xiangshan Second Construction Department. August 1994 to 1996. In October of this year, he served as the general manager of Wenzhou Branch of the Company. Since October 1996, he has served as the president of the company. He is currently the vice chairman and president of the company, the representative of Ningbo Municipal People's Congress, and the member of the Shanghai Youth Federation. He has been rated as National Quality Management Leader, National Excellent Construction Enterprise Manager, National Construction Industry Outstanding Entrepreneur, Zhejiang Advanced Construction Enterprise, Zhejiang Excellent Construction Enterprise Manager, Shanghai Engineering Achievement Competition “Construction Hero”, Zhejiang The top ten outstanding entrepreneurs in the province won the "2016 China Innovation Model" award of the 16th China Economic Forum and was selected as the "Child of Oriental Architecture" in 2018 (the annual figure of China Construction Industry).

  • Qian ShuiJiang

    Group Executive Vice President

  • lu Jian

    Group Supervisor

  • Xia Jun

    Group Chief Economist

  • Dai Ying

    Group Vice President

  • Yan Liqun

    Group Vice President
    Long Yuanming City General Manager

  • Wang Dehua

    Group Vice President
    General Manager of General Contract Management Company

  • Luo Yongfu

    Group Vice President

  • Xiao Jianwu

    Group Finance Director

  • Lai Yeyun

    Group Vice President

  • Zhang Li

    Group Vice President
    Secretary of the board

  • Meng Xuming

    Group Vice President

  • Shao Junya

    Group Chief Engineer

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